This is a 5-week Mastermind where a group of like-minded people will come together to learn how to utilize more effective communication in order to harness powerful connections.

“If you want to succeed, talent isn't enough, education isn't enough, experience isn't enough...only one thing stands between you and your full potential and that is the ability to communicate and connect effectively!” - John Maxwell.

During this Mastermind Sessions, you will:

Learn and practice how to communicate and connect authentically
Learn how to connect one-on-one, in groups and with an audience
Discover and unlock Connecting Principles
Understand the best techniques for cultivating relationships.

As a result of attending this Mastermind and bridging your communication gap you will:

Communicate your ideas persuasively
Go farther and do better
Get more things done than those who don't know how to connect
Experience less conflicts in your interactions at work or at home
Command more income
Connecting increases your influence in EVERY situation!


Mastermind Participant Information:

The focus of this MM participant guide is the book, “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect” by John C. Maxwell.
Workbooks will be provided but you may also want to get yourself a copy of the book from Amazon or any bookshop, to enhance your participation.
Each member of this group should have a strong to desire to bridge their communication gap to increase their influence.
Meetings will be held virtually by zoom every Thursday starting 22nd April 2021 at 6:00pm GMT and will last for 90 minutes.
Meetings will start and end promptly.

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