Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to understand, regulate, and control your emotions.


Studies have shown that people with high EI have better interpersonal, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and communications skills. All of this translates to better performance in your professional life, helping you to maximize your career.


EI is a bit like the emotional version of IQ. But unlike IQ, EI can be learned. During this free, 60-minute webinar you will:

  1. Uncover the cornerstone of emotional intelligence
  2. Discover the behaviors that successful people display
  3. Learn techniques for regulating your own emotions
  4. Find out how to form positive relationships with others
  5. See how EI affects all areas of your life!


You will learn one of the most important skills you need for maximizing your career by following these 5 strategies!


Register now to increase your emotional intelligence and see how EI affects your career!


Dr. Kim Moore is a Leadership Guide and certified coach, speaker, and trainer with The John Maxwell Team. Dr. Moore equips aspiring leaders to lead with confidence, guides emerging leaders to expand their influence, and coaches accomplished leaders to achieve significance.

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Tampa, Florida, United States of America

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